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My name is Joe Mitchell and I am the owner and author of this website. I’m originally from the west of Ireland where I currently live with my partner and our son. Amongst other things I enjoy the outdoors, various sports, writing and the internet.

In my spare time I like to indulge my interest in writing and the internet by sometimes building websites about the things that I am interested in – and that’s pretty much how this website – Learn Spanish FAQs came to be.

So Why ‘Learn Spanish FAQs‘?

As I mentioned above I like to build websites around the things that I am Interested in. Well at the moment one of my interests is learning Spanish. I’m lucky enough to be a fairly well travelled person having lived in a number of different countries around the world. My travels have taken me to one or two Spanish speaking regions and having the knowledge of no more than a dozen or so  words of the Spanish language learning Spanish had always been on my to-do list.

Having done a little bit of research into the different ways to go about learning a new language I soon realized that an on-line course of some sort would be the best method for me to learn Spanish. Before deciding on any one Spanish course I did my due diligence by thoroughly researching the many courses that were available online – I read reviews, checked out what people were saying, read posts on forums and used all of the free trials I could get.

It Was Difficult to Find Genuine Spanish Course Reviews

During the course of my research into online Spanish courses I quickly realized that nearly all of the ‘review sites’ that I came across were very similar. It seemed that whichever course was being reviewed the reviewer in question could not recommend the course highly enough or quickly enough! I soon found out that the reason for this is that the sellers of many online Spanish courses run affiliate programs whereby website owners who are affiliated with them earn a fairly generous commission for every sale that they refer.

Now there’s nothing wrong with companies who make language courses paying people who refer sales to them – that’s a fairly standard business model for all kinds of business both on-line and off-line all over the world. The high commissions they often pay however creates an environment where many people have built websites with less-than-honest and typically very biased reviews just for the sake of making some money. This in turn makes it difficult for people who are considering purchasing any particular course to find genuinely useful information about that course before they eventually decide to buy it (or not).

A More Useful ‘Learn Spanish Online’ Website?

The difficulty in finding an unbiased review of many of the popular online Spanish courses is what gave me the idea for this website and is the reason you are reading these words right now. What I have tried to do here is create a useful ‘Learn Spanish’ information/review style website.  Any readers that might come along will be presented with all the most relevant facts about the various courses as I found them to be and and also some more general advice about learning Spanish online .

The online Spanish course that I eventually decided on is one called Rocket Spanish (hence the name of the site!). If you read my review of the rocket spanish course you will notice that like many other review sites I also recommend Rocket Spanish. My recommendation however is based on my own positive experience with the course. What you won’t find in my Rocket Spanish review is any instance where I tell you the reader to go and by the course – I simply present the facts – you will have to decide about the course for yourself – and that in my opinion is how any review of any product should be!

To be fully transparent I must also let you know that just like some of the less-than-honest websites I mentioned above I also will earn a commission for referring sales should you decide to buy any of the online Spanish courses reviewed on this site after clicking one of my links (read my affiliate disclosure here). By providing useful  and good quality information it is my hope however that people will be happy to support this site.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I genuinely appreciate your interest in TheRocketSpanishReviewer.Com and hope that you found the information here at this site useful. If you feel that there’s something missing from this review site or have a comment you’d like to make feel free to send me a message via the contact form on my Contact Page.

I plan to keep this website updated on a regular basis so be sure to bookmark this site  and stop by again at a later date to see what’s new.


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